Framed Lithograph prices range from approximately $1,590 to $12,000. Call for details.


Frank Howell Lithograph
Cloud Dreamer

$1,590 framed


Howell Native American

$2,200 framed


Frank Howell lithograph
Crow Messengers

$8,500 unframed


Howell Crow Omen
Crow Omen

$1,890 unframed


Howell American Indian
Fire Echoes

$3,400 unframed


Howell Fine Art
Gift of Songs

$1,990 unframed


Frank Howell Messages

$1,590 unframed


Howell artist
Red Feathers Dancing

$8,300 framed

Lithograph Howell
Red Mountain Morninge

$12,000 framed


Frank Howell American Indian
Seasons Turning

$3,300 framed


Howell lithograph
The Teacher

$1,890 unframed


Frank Howell
Vigils for Lessons

$1,890 unframed